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One on One with Ms Mercy Wambui K (@mjaywambui- Poultry Farmer)

I got to chat with Mercy about Agribusiness Sector. She has a  Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology and she rares chicken and their products for commercial purposes. Get to know what led her down this journey and what are her 2 cents on challenges facing entrepreneurs in Kenya. Enjoy and share.

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One on One with @Sir_Ortiz ( The Monochrome King)

I got to chat with Edgar on his passion for photography and personal branding. He also takes us through what it takes to be a Marketing Manager and the skills he advises us to equip ourselves with to survive the digital era enjoy. Enjoy the read. 

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One on One with Spence Buzz Norman ( Forex and Cryptocurrency Trader)

I got to chat with Spence on where his love for forex started. He also explains to us the difference between cryptocurrency and MLMs.  I hope those looking to get into the same can learn something from this interview. Enjoy. 

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One one One with Festus Mutuku ( @__Mutuku – Digital Marketing Consultant)

I got to Chat with Mutuku on what it takes to have a career as a Digital Marketer. What attitude does one need in this industry? What he has learned along the way and the importance of networking in this day and age. Enjoy. 

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One on One with Kitawa Wemo ( Founder of MAMA Ventures).

I got to chat with Wemo about MAMA Ventures . I wanted to understand why she is passionate about helping Businesses . MAMA Ventures is a women-led growth accelerator company that works with businesses to actualize business ideas towards profitability and sustainability. Read more about her and what she thinks are the challenges that face entrepreneurs in Kenya. 

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One on One with Douglas Kihoro ( @redsabin – Digital Content Creator and Creative)

I got to chat with Doug about his Career. From digital marketing to being a creative and a musician as well . He shares what inspires him especially what he loves most about being a creative. Hope you enjoy. 

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Truth about Unemployment in Kenya #IkokaziKE

Do we care? Do we care about one another? Or are we so stuck in own dilemmas turning a blind eye makes more sense. I started #IkoKaziKE on twitter on twitter to help Kenyans find jobs easily, to spread the word more easily.

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One on One with Dana Degrazia ( Ebru TV -Let’s Talk Host)

Dana is one of the host’s of Let’s Talk. A show that talks about current entertainment issues and also has advice for kenyan woman. Dana has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice so just how exactly did she find herself on the big screen? Get to know more about her especially why she is passionate about her body art that keeps people talking. 

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One on One- Nick Mudimba ( Switch TV Kenya Presenter)

I got to chat with Nick on what we should expect from Switch TV new shows and content. He also has some advice for all the youths looking to be TV presenters and shares what he has learned along the way. 

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One on One with @SyataLinda ( Events logistics by day, renegade baker by night)

I got to chat with Linda Syata on her passion for baking and where she draws her inspiration from, since baking is indeed an art. Follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/SyataLinda   

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