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One on One with Jackie Matubia ( TV Presenter and Kenyan Producer & Actress)

I got to chat with Jackie Matubia who is a well known  tv presenter , tv producer, actress and entrepreneur. We talk about her career journey and how motherhood influences her content. Enjoy the read.

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The Wait… Should we lower our expectations after college?

I remember back when I was in college, we would spend hours day dreaming how quickly our new jobs would come, how much salaries we would get how we would travel far and wide in our twenties. Full of dreams and life the end was near and the road was well rosy to say the least.

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One on One with Faith Mueni- Nutritionist

I got to chat with Faith Mueni a registered nutritionist by profession . She takes us through her lessons and challenges. Enjoy the read and share with all those going down this career road. 

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Leveraging on Technology to curb unemployment in Kenya- #IkoKaziKE case study

Leveraging on Technology to curb unemployment. Why is IkoKaziKE biggest strength online? A breakdown of why I believe in creating an online channel for job seekers is key to communicate freely:

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How to approach an employer via Social Media.

As an account manager for various organizations social platforms I have been on  the receiving end of interacting with job seekers. I have come to notice a lot of young Kenyans “Shooting their shot” to these organizations either via mentions, comments, inbox or direct messages and I have decided to pen down my advice. This is so as to help the job seeker stand a chance of getting a feedback since I have noticed many tend to be so casual when enquiring via social media:

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My Presentation at the 1st Africa Social and Behaviour Change Conference

I am not a huge fan of public speaking I do step up when the cause arises. My topic was “Leveraging on Technology to curb unemployment”.  I enjoyed myself and learned a lot and would love to thank PS Kenya’ for letting me participate.

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One on One with Timothy Mathai ( Digital Marketing Pundit)

I got to chat with Timothy about his career in Digital Marketing and why he is passionate about it. Get to know his defining career moments and what he is learning along the way. Enjoy and share. 

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One on One with Melvin Ondigi ( Events Host & Hype-man )

I got to chat with Melvo about the entertainment industry, what are some of the milestones he has crossed and the challenges. Get to know what motivates him to do what he does so passionately. Enjoy and Share. 

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One on One with Lilian Angeline- Image Consultant at Elevate Image

Very many things about Angeline stand out her love for fashion and her professionalism. She takes us through what it takes to be an image consultant and where she derived her passion from . Enjoy the read. 

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One on One with Andiva A. Elvis ( Founder of Adelante Group)

I got to chat with Elvis about Adelante Group, which is a cocktail of the legal & real estate service consultancies together with the spice services of the two: namely; project management, survey, valuations, architecture, landscaping and environmental health. Get to know what motivates him and the company’s plans for the future.

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