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One on One with Melvin Ondigi ( Events Host & Hype-man )

I got to chat with Melvo about the entertainment industry, what are some of the milestones he has crossed and the challenges. Get to know what motivates him to do what he does so passionately. Enjoy and Share. 

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One on One with Lilian Angeline- Image Consultant at Elevate Image

Very many things about Angeline stand out her love for fashion and her professionalism. She takes us through what it takes to be an image consultant and where she derived her passion from . Enjoy the read. 

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One on One with Andiva A. Elvis ( Founder of Adelante Group)

I got to chat with Elvis about Adelante Group, which is a cocktail of the legal & real estate service consultancies together with the spice services of the two: namely; project management, survey, valuations, architecture, landscaping and environmental health. Get to know what motivates him and the company’s plans for the future.

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Is there a right time to quit?

This is probably the most hard questions, i have drafted a few probable causes that can help you make a decision whilst still having good relations with your employers.

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#Ikokazike- Hashtag of the Year


Thank you so much for voting for #IkoKaziKe as hashtag of the year for 2018.

One on One with David Ndassya – (@davidjonnes2- Tamu hospitality and catering consultancy)

From a pharmacist to a hospitality consultant i got to chat with David on what led him down this journey with Tamu hospitality and catering consultancy. At Tamu they saw gap in the hospitality sector, and with their experience in the industry they assist  clients to achieve greater profitability, growth, and professionalism. 

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One on One with Frank ( @Oaksupreme – Swiftify ).

I got to chat with Frankie from studying procurement to an interest in tech , get to find what drives him and motivates him to be innovative. Swiftify is  basically a digital procurement solution that looks to curb fraud and seal most if not all the loopholes in public procurement. Enjoy. 

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One on One with Ms Mercy Wambui K (@mjaywambui- Poultry Farmer)

I got to chat with Mercy about Agribusiness Sector. She has a  Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology and she rares chicken and their products for commercial purposes. Get to know what led her down this journey and what are her 2 cents on challenges facing entrepreneurs in Kenya. Enjoy and share.

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One on One with @Sir_Ortiz ( The Monochrome King)

I got to chat with Edgar on his passion for photography and personal branding. He also takes us through what it takes to be a Marketing Manager and the skills he advises us to equip ourselves with to survive the digital era enjoy. Enjoy the read. 

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One on One with Spence Buzz Norman ( Forex and Cryptocurrency Trader)

I got to chat with Spence on where his love for forex started. He also explains to us the difference between cryptocurrency and MLMs.  I hope those looking to get into the same can learn something from this interview. Enjoy. 

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