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One on One with Dana Degrazia ( Ebru TV -Let’s Talk Host)

Dana is one of the host’s of Let’s Talk. A show that talks about current entertainment issues and also has advice for kenyan woman. Dana has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice so just how exactly did she find herself on the big screen? Get to know more about her especially why she is passionate about her body art that keeps people talking. 

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One on One- Nick Mudimba ( Switch TV Kenya Presenter)

I got to chat with Nick on what we should expect from Switch TV new shows and content. He also has some advice for all the youths looking to be TV presenters and shares what he has learned along the way. 

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One on One with @SyataLinda ( Events logistics by day, renegade baker by night)

I got to chat with Linda Syata on her passion for baking and where she draws her inspiration from, since baking is indeed an art. Follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/SyataLinda   

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One on One with Jeannette Musembi ( Lifestyle Writer & Blogger)

I got to chat with Jeannette one of the Co- Founders of https://barskenya.com/ on what it takes to create content especially about the nightlife party scene. She takes us through her most memorable moments as a Lifestyle Blogger. Enjoy the read. 

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One on One- Victor Wanyama ( Elite Agency – Digital Marketing Pundit)

I got to chat with Victor on what it takes to run a digital marketing Agency. He shares his journey with me and would like to advice anyone looking to get into the same on what it takes to be successful. 

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One on One with Trevor Maingi ( @The_Mentalyst – Travel & Lifestyle Photographer)

I got to chat with Trevor Maingi on what he loves most about being a travel & lifestyle photographer and where he draws his inspiration from . Did you know he studied Aeronautical Engineering ? How did his love for photography start? Read and share please. 

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One on One – Shivani Shah ( Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2017)

Shivani Shah  is not only a beauty queen, she is also a former NTV Kenya Children’s show TV presenter . I got to chat with her about what she loved most about Miss India Worldwide Kenya , her beauty secrets and what inspires her daily. Enjoy and share. 

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One on One with Luccie Kabu ( @Luccandy – Teaching & Candy-Crafts )

What i admire most about Luccie, is how in a world where we can choose one path she choose several and made it work for her. From teaching to candy crafts to being a natural hair influencer, she does what she loves and it always shows. Enjoy the read and share.

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One on One – Joy Wachira ( Her 2 cents on Unemployment in Kenya)

I got to chat with Joy Wachira about what unemployment in Kenya is really like, these are her views and i am glad she got to share them.

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One on one with Leo-tunapika ( Gatuiri Irauka )

Got to chat with Gatuiri, from an Actuarial Science degree to her love for cooking. Get to know why she is passionate about the kitchen and her work ethic beliefs. 

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