Just how much should you invest in your business? Personally I believe your business is your baby. You always want the best for your child. From the best healthcare, most prestigious schools, latest sports kits… you name it. So why do you hire somebody to market your business and do the absolute bare minimum? You do not invest in content, you do not invest in photography, you hold onto to money for advertising so much yet you need that business not vice versa.

Why not pay the person working for you? Would you not pay your child’s school fees? Yet reality is, your children live the lifestyles they live because of your work, yet you want to bite the hand that feeds you. INVEST, INVEST AND INVEST. Digital Marketing cannot be ignored. You can sit down and wish all you want that traditional marketing comes back and phones cease to exist but that will not happen. You slack and your competitors are online with superb content, photography and graphics stealing all your future clients. Which technically is not stealing because they are working so hard.

You want to enjoy your comfort zone, enjoy while it lasts… Because truth is if you do not invest in marketing no matter how small your business is that comfort zone will not last long. If you want better ROI invest more in ads. You are in competition against Coco cola, Safaricom, Uber on the same platforms, they pump in millions and you best believe their ads will be seen more. Does not sound fair? It shouldn’t, its business and it is brutal.

INVEST, INVEST AND INVEST there is no shortcut to it. Otherwise do not blame marketers for not getting the results when they do not have much to work it. It is a visual world and if you are not selling dreams nobody will buy. Everybody wants to keep up with the Joneses.

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