Do we care? Do we care about one another? Or are we so stuck in own dilemmas turning a blind eye makes more sense. I started #IkoKaziKE on twitter on twitter to help Kenyans find jobs easily, to spread the word more easily.

Months down the line the problem is not only job hunting it is lack of motivation and falling into depression.   We have thousands of Kenyans on twitter who help one another by tagging jobs but on the emotional side I cannot help but wonder who talks to jobless Kenyans on a personal more humane level? We have people who would rather charge you to apply for jobs over and over with money you do not have as opposed to having talks with job seekers on mental health. I get it we cannot save everyone but when everything boils down to taking advantage of Kenyan youths as opposed to investing in encouraging and talking to them about a better tomorrow then we do have a problem. I am just 1 woman I cannot do everything but I am not blind I see things for what they are. My challenge to recruitment agencies and firms be more humane, act like you care not just to your employees but job seekers as well. I am glad things like #MentalHealthKE trend we need to use our power and influence to help one another, otherwise we what are we pretending to fight for?

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