• Tell us about you;

I am a singer, dancer and actress who has a soft spot for the arts and loves to create.


  • What made you use social media especially twitter to job hunt?

Twitter is a very interactive social site that includes informal job postings (those not done through recruitment firms). Even though it is just as competitive as recruitment firms, it is manageable and the success rate is promising.


  • Do you think twitter is making job hunting easier?

Definitely.  It is an ideal platform because it combines both work and play, which is a good balance. Also refer to the answer in the previous question.


  • Tell us about the challenges of job hunting you have personally faced;

A lot of scams. Especially since I use online platforms, scammers are able to obtain a database of e-mail addresses and mislead job seekers.


  • What advice can you give other people who are job hunting?
  • Never pay for a job interview. It is illegal.
  • Always verify a vacancy on a company’s official website, especially if you apply via a job website.
  • With advancement in technology, a lot of interviews now take place via phone/skype before a physical interview is done. Practice phone etiquette and always be kind and gracious, as you never know who might be calling you.
  • Dress for the job you want. No compromise.
  • Do not limit your job search to what you studied for. Although that is the ideal situation, also focus on the skills you can offer and what value you can add to a company. Who knows, you may discover a strength you never knew you had.
  • Stay aggressive. Apply for as many jobs as you possibly can to increase your chances of being called back for an interview.
  • Research on the company before applying for a job posting in order to align your skills with their values or what they seek in a candidate. If you feel the core values are not to your liking, keep searching.


  • What is your opinion on Unemployment in Kenya?

It is too high, considering the number of eligible graduates who can be absorbed into the work force. We need to change the mind set of fixed career paths and encourage innovation and creativity and explore more avenues through our education system in order to create more employment opportunities in diverse fields.




  • What is your dream company to work at and why?

Zappos. It is ranked among the top companies in the world with the best customer service and exceptional team work.


  • Kindly tell us your parting shot in regards to both life and work;

Respect and believe in yourself, always have intention, give your all in whatever you do and stay open to learning. I have embraced the fact that it’s okay to feel and be lost as it is an important process in the journey of life and no one has all the answers. After all, everyone is guessing their way around hoping what they’re doing is right.

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