This is probably the most hard questions, i have drafted a few probable causes that can help you make a decision whilst still having good relations with your employers.

2019… Why not to quit without a plan B. Always good to be well organized. As you are in your current job, apply for others. Do not be so quick to rush out unless you really cannot stand your current place. Take time to understand the new environment. Understand also the location and see if changes must be made or it is all about sacrifice. Then the most important thing is the pay (let no one lie to you) at the end of the day make financial progress for the sake of your family and life in the long run.


Are you just tired of your work place? What is the challenge? Toxic boss? Toxic colleagues? Too much workload? Not enough resting time? Address these issues with your Human Resource let them be aware of the challenges you are facing. This is because you must leave the work place with good diplomatic ways. Don’t just quit before fighting for a better environment. If anything at the end, say you did your level best but nothing changed.


Another cause could be Illness. A reason that can get you off the “bad employee who quit” hook is illness. Either personal or family illnesses are legitimate reasons to quit a job, and sometimes a sudden illness can be an excuse to leave a position.  Going Back to School. Going back to school, either on a part-time or full-time basis, can necessitate a job change. Given your school schedule, your current employment may no longer be a fit. On this not have you ever noticed a lot of employers do not support staff going back to school? They claim it affects their productivity and use it as a way to make you choose, school or work. Not all employers just some…


I was battling with career change since 2017, from procurement to marketing. Not only did I switch jobs but I also upgraded my papers. In this day and age in whatever profession please do not ignore the papers be it professional papers or going back to do your undergraduate or Masters in another area, anything to better yourself. Career Change. I know more than a few people who have quit a professional job because they want to do something different or they don’t want to deal with stress or travel any longer. Whether you want to move up or down the career ladder, a decision to change careers can make good sense if you’re looking to do something different.


The first time I ever quit my job I did it without a plan B. I was under too much pressure that resulted in doctor’s prescription, plus if we were to be really honest I was constantly unhappy. I prayed to God and told him there has to be more thus leading to me taking a leap of faith. What Your Gut Tells You. One of the best mentors I ever had used to tell me that the best way to make decisions was to listen to your gut. He said it worked with hiring, with deciding to accept a job, or deciding to quit a job. He was right. If your gut is telling you to quit, listen to it.

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