I got to chat with @slyrie about her love for Food, of course. What i loved most about Sylvia is her #SlyrieEats  posts that help consumers like me stay up to date with restaurant Offers. Where did her love for food blogging start? Get to know. Enjoy and Share. 


  • Tell us about you:

I am a Mom, working at an ad agency. I love to cook, sleep, create content and once in a while, brunch with my friends. I can sing really well. I am an introvert, which is sad because people like me do not thrive in the industry I am in. Have I left anything out? Haha.


  • Your best social media platform?

My best social media platform is Instagram. I am insanely active on Twitter, but I really enjoy watching people be creative with photos and videos to tell us a story on IG.

  • What do you use social media for mostly?

Social Interactions, and getting information. I barely have time to watch the news, so I do my recaps online. On YouTube or Twitter.


  • What did you study?

I studied Bachelor of Commerce, Finance, at the University of Nairobi. Of course I didn’t end up in a bank like I thought I would haha. Towards the end of my degree, I fell in love with marketing, but I couldn’t drop my units so I decided to make a career out of it after campus. Hopefully I’ll get to do CIM soon.


  • When did your love for Food blogging start?

I have always loved watching people travel and try different cuisines from a young age. I hoped I would grow up and get such an opportunity. I fell in love with it completely when I first worked at Go Places. They opened doors for me to interact with people in the industry, and to also build a platform of my own.


  • What do you love most about being a lifestyle blogger/influencer?

Getting paid to do what I love to do is the best part about this. I love to write, I love to explore, so a cheque attached to it is just a dream come true. Also, the opportunities presented to me and the people I get to meet in the industry.


  • Which are some of the places you would love to travel to and why?

I would love to go to all the countries that have street food culture for the experience; Japan, Thailand, Mexico, China, India, Jamaica, England, etc.


  • Kindly name some of the restaurants you have reviewed:

From the top of my head, I have been to The View and La Mesa, Movenpick, Artcaffe, Milan, The Grill Shack, Rocomamas, Coffee Casa, Lava Latte. I haven’t written about them on my blog, but you can see the rest on the hashtag #SlyrieEats on Twitter.


  • What can you say has been the defining moment of your career?

I feel like I haven’t found this moment yet, but I am working towards it. I can however say, joining an agency was a foot in the door. I have worked on interesting projects, put my talents into practice and I have met brilliant minds. Let’s do this again early next year and I will have an answer.

  • What are some of the challenges you face with clients?

Nothing out of the ordinary, just huge expectations with very little or no budget.

  • What is your take on mixing family or friendship with business?

It is viable only if respect comes first. If you plan to mix business with family or friendship, you need to establish boundaries from the get go. Then, it can work.

  • How do you manage to keep your private life off social media?

I am quite the oversharer, so I haven’t managed to do this. I can only control parts of me that I want people on the internet to know.

  • Tell us something about Kerubo that would surprise us:

I am a very shy person. People find it hard to believe this. Sometimes I am quiet and people think I am rude, but I am just shy.


  • What advice would you give young you?

It works out, eventually. Do not be too hard on yourself. The universe has a way of giving back whatever you put out.

  • If you could be the president of Kenya what would you do differently in terms of employment creation and creating a thriving environment for businesses?

I have said, and will always say, this economy is not friendly to businesses, starting from the registration process. Setting up a business is already expensive. I would try and minimize this process and even reduce fees. So that everyone gets a fair chance.

  • Kindly tell us your parting shot in regards to both life and work:

Live. Love. Laugh. Challenge yourself. Learn new skills. Never say it’s not within your pay grade. Just do it. Keep family and friends close. Have a good time. We have only one life. Above everything, keep God in all your plans.

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