I got to Chat with Mutuku on what it takes to have a career as a Digital Marketer. What attitude does one need in this industry? What he has learned along the way and the importance of networking in this day and age. Enjoy. 

  • Tell us about you:

I am Mutuku, a Statistician by education who is passionate about Social and Digital Media and how these channels can be leveraged to drive profitability and brand awareness of various firms online. I am the Director of B3 Digital and Stanafrica Limited.


  • Your best social media platform?

My best social media platform is the micro-blogging site Twitter. I find the platform simple and easy to navigate for brands and individuals alike. The instantaneous nature of the platform makes it appealing and exciting to use as compared to other site. In addition, how can you hate the platform with the Hilarious Kenyans on Twitter?


  • What do you use social media for mostly?


Mostly I use social media for entertainment & business. Funny how my mum does not understand how I make a living out of that, being always on the phone and all. Social media keeps me updated on new trends, news and entertainment. I also use social media to meet and engage new potential clients.


  • What did you study?


I am a Bachelor of Science in Statistics graduate from Laikipia University.


  • Which skills did you learn after school?

How to be independent and networking with the right people in life. This keeps you in the right circles and opportunities that you are interested in often find you with no hustle. You meet so many people and it is up to you to interact with the right ones who are going to add value to your life.

I also learnt how to monetize my passion in social media, learnt about how to leverage my skills and networks to reach out to brands that needed my skill set and expertise.

I also learn a lot about money management.


  • Tell us more about being a Digital Marketing consultant :


As a digital consultant, I help brands to reach the online audience either by advising them on the proper channels to use or helping them to come up with digital strategies and executing them. I help them redefine their niche, use social media as a way to create awareness and loyalty that in turn translate into sales.

Most people confuse Digital marketing & Social media marketing. Social media marketing is the process of gaining attention and traffic using social media channels while digital marketing is the process of advertising products using digital channels mainly on the internet.



  • What are some of the challenges Digital Marketing consultants face?

Many firms are from the old school and they are rigid when it comes to the usage of digital means to market their products and services out there.

Another challenge is the changing landscape online with tools and platforms cropping every day. What worked yesterday may not work today. One has to keep abreast of all these developments or risk being left behind.

The issue of bots, paid views and likes is another hurdle we have to face in this era of fake news and vanity.


  • Does #IkoKaziKE help?

Yes, #IkoKaziKe really helps. It creates a platform where employers can meet employees and vice versa without using exploitative means like Recruitment Agencies. The tag also acts as a way to disseminate useful information like how to do CVs, emails and other important things that are crucial in the recruitment process. I know people who have been greatly assisted by #IkoKaziKE.



  • What advice can you give other people looking for jobs online?

Online jobs are not as easy as you might think. When applying for an online job, make sure you show your clients what you can deliver to them. Every single employer is looking forward to achieving a certain target and will employ people who will help him/her achieve that.

One should verify the sources of jobs offers to avoid being scammed.



  • Any advice for young Kenyans looking to work in AD agencies?

To everyone looking for a job in AD agencies, your creativity is what will take you far. Be unique, be a little crazy, have the resilience to see your ideas go through. Also, when your ideas are shot down, be stoic, live to fight another day.

Networking will also take you far and identify what you want to do, align your interests, learn as much as you can on the subject and place yourself in such a way you that you are noticeable.



  • How do you manage to keep your private life off social media?


Social media is funny because mostly people believe they know everything about you just because of what you post. I have a very thick line between my private life and social media. I have the ability to live that social media lifestyle even when I have a lot going on in my life. That virtual self I portray on social media is so different from the Mutuku in real life.


  • What is your take on mixing family or friendship with business?

I sincerely prefer not to mix family and business. If you mix the two, you will always lose one and mostly, you will always lose your business.



  • What advice would you give young you?

Always have your own clock and timeline to achieve your own goals, therefore do not allow anyone to influence or pressure you. Respect the process, that glo up is coming.


  • Kindly tell us your parting shot in regards to both life and work;

As much as your work hard to achieve your career goals, always remember to live.

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