Melanie Hapisu talks about #IkoKaziKe , how it has helped her and just what makes her Mel. She is a career woman, philanthropist, blogger… oh Lord what can’t she do? Get to know what makes her the phenomenal woman she is.

  • Tell us about you and your career field:

My name is Melanie Hapisu and I am a BBIT 2017 alumni from Strathmore University. I am founder of Generation Why Community Based Organization, a group that aims to reach out to the youth and children in need in the society by engaging them in various activities to bring out the best potential in them. Besides that, I am passionate about digital marketing and IT. I am also a blogger; I blog about my charity experiences and issues revolving around the youth specifically in Kenya. I am also the current head of Youth LITE Kenya, an organization that aims to involve the youth in various projects that will enable them to be a part of the successful achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

My career field is definitely IT.Currently still trying to discover myself but I am looking to delve into digital marketing, database management and or project management.A lot for one person yea?But hey!All dreams are valid!

  • Your best social media platform?

Oh Mehn! This is such a difficult question to answer due to my interest in digital marketing. I would say I have three best platforms that is Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But if I am to choose one definitely Facebook (For advertisement purposes).

  • What do you use social media for mostly?

For the pages I run, definitely digital marketing. But for my personal social media, I mostly use it for social interactions of course! And for discovering new reads and job hunting (Twitter especially)

  • How has job hunting been? Does #IkoKaziKE help?

Job hunting has been a lot weh! I don’t even know where to start. But it’s all been a series of lessons I must say. I thought it would be a walk in the park but clearly it was not. Thank God for #IkoKaziKE! Actually managed to get a number of side opportunities through it.If only more people knew about it, even employers.

  • What advice can you give other people looking for jobs online?

Don’t give up keep looking. Make use of #IkoKaziKE.Apply no matter what. Personally I would apply even after deadlines. So keep at it! You never know.

  • What company would you love to work for and why?

To be honest I am not so sure of a name yet but I would definitely want to work for a company that appreciates its workforce and doesn’t take them for granted. A company that is flexible to allow for innovation in whatever sector amongst the employees.

But coming to think about it because of my database dream I would definitely want to work for Oracle. Why? Well, it’s Oracle!!

  • Your passion for charity work please tell us how it began?

In 2011 I had the privilege to join a school that had a program that encouraged students to take part in Community Service and this is where it all began. At first I wasn’t interested but a friend managed to convince me to give it a shot. During my 2011 school holiday, I joined some friends I had during their visit to a children’s home in Dagoretti called Cheryl’s Children’s Home. Since this home was not too far from where I lived it became a habit to visit as often as I could. After some time, I joined a community based organization called Scribbly Circle which was being run by one of my friends. This organization basically rounded up volunteers and visited the Cheryl’s Children’s Home at least once in a week in order to give a hand where necessary. At first it was very difficult to form a connection with the children so all I used to do was wash the dishes and help sweep the classrooms. But as time went by, I managed to make a few friends with the children and the bond began to grow stronger and stronger. My visits to Cheryl’s increased and I managed to bring a number of friends of mine on board as well.

In 2014 , my friend Clara Kariuki and I were challenged to start our own community based organization called Generation Why which would basically round up volunteers from all over Nairobi in order to reach out to as many Children’s homes as possible. This was the beginning of me promising myself to be extremely involved in matters to do with community service.

It has now been 6 years since I began volunteering and I have never regretted one bit of this journey.

  • What would you tell others looking to do more charity work?

It’s the first step that matters. One step at a time no hurry! Take the step only when you’re ready to as charity is more of a commitment due to the attachment that comes with those you’re helping.

  • What advice would you give young you?

I would tell young me:

”Calm down Melanie. Do not let society pressure you to meet their expectations. You will eventually find your place and where you fit best.”

  • Kindly tell us your parting shot in regards to both life and work;

Believe it or not, life is honestly what you make it.Since you only have one life, make the best out of it. Do as much as you can. Help as much as you are able to. And do as much as you can. As for work, do not let anyone kill your dream if you have control over it


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