Laura is a food blogger and basically runs . I got to chat with her about her journey and what makes her the excellent food reviewer she is.

Tell Us About You And Your Company:

My name is Laura Aura. I am 20 years old and I have a company called Kulanini ( Kulanini deals with food, restaurant, snack and beverage reviews, photography and promotion of said items but most of all, is an ‘EATING GUIDE’. You can find food based on the cost or type of food using our filter & find page on our website. This site gives you a chance to even compare different costs on different items. As of today, I have worked with over 40 restaurants and are looking to have data on all restaurants and food manufacturers by time Kulanini turns two.


How Many People Run Kulanini?

Kulanini is a one-man-show kind of company. I do everything from marketing the company to approaching clients, photography and writing all ons my own. It gets overwhelming sometimes especially when school is in session but I thank God for continually giving me the strength and wisdom to run my company. The beautiful thing about it is it’s something I love so I find it easier to do than any other thing.


What Did You Study? How Did You Discover Your Passion?

I am a student at The University of Nairobi studying Industrial Chemistry. I am now in my third year (starting September). I can imagine you are wondering how food and chemistry co-relates. Well, I am actually studying to be a chef as well so my love food goes far beyond just reviewing it, writing about it and taking pictures. After university, I did (and still am) a culinary arts course at The Boma International Hospitality College. When I took a break to go and study my first love which is Chemistry, I missed cooking and learning about food. I found myself constantly critiquing food at restaurants or even a basic snack because I knew it could be done better or rather I had learnt better. My campus friends motivated me to start something where I could share my knowledge and opinions so people could use my reviews to find great food. My extremely supportive family and friends in general were all for the idea and so Kulanini was born after quite a bit of research. Of course not everything I know now I knew then but I definitely didn’t go in blindly.


What Are Some Of The Lessons You Have Learned Along The Way?

One year later and I think Kulanini is one of the only (maybe 5 exist) un-bias, comprehensive & consistent reviewers ever. I am still learning a lot from people in the food industry and just other creatives in general and I am grateful to all writers, photographers and content creators who have pushed me to be better by creating amazing content hence pushing me to be better. I say I am one of the only ones because I am my biggest fan. I believe you have to be your first customer, your first reader, your first follower before you ask other people to do it. If you can’t use your own product or hire yourself, then you need to go back to the drawing board. This is something that has motivated me greatly because I often look at my website or my work and see if there are any things that aren’t up to par and work hard to fix them. That way, even when I ask people to check out my work and let me know their thoughts, I am satisfied and confident. I am my biggest fan but my biggest critic.


What Are Some Of Your Long Term Goals?

My goal is to have a website that people go to for any food related query and as an individual, be the best food chemist this country has ever seen. See…? Biggest fan!

Out Of Curiosity Why the Name Kulanini?

The name Kulanini is completely random. I don’t know how I came up with it. I believe God revealed it to me in a way I just can’t explain. I do believe in God and believe that Kulanini has been Hi continuous blessing to me. From the awards and recognition to scoring big restaurants for reviews, I give Him all the praise.


What Are Some Of The Challenges You Have Faced Along The Way?

The biggest challenge I have faced is creating a website that answers people’s questions and continually being relevant. I struggle with creative blocks once in a while but I just ask myself to be patient with myself and things seem to work out in the long run.


What Advice Would You Give Young Kenyans Looking To Be Food Bloggers?

My advice to people with dreams is just to start. You know how when you’re sleepy you can fall asleep anywhere? So long as you can sleep, you’re good. Exactly the same as having an idea. Run with whatever resources you have at that time but remember there has to be need for your service or product. If you’re doing what someone else is doing, you won’t succeed. You have to do it much better than them or do something that hasn’t been done before. Trust me, that way, by the time the copy cats are getting to you, they’ll have nothing on you especially since you will continually improving yourself. Invest in yourself and ensure you are putting back in money to improve your product or service. As I said, if you can’t use your product or service, you need to go back to the drawing board. It’s like being a chef at a restaurant but you can’t dare eat the food you prepare because of the poor quality. If so, then how will people eat that food? Be your biggest fan?


Tell Us Something Interesting About You:

I talk a lot. In another life or maybe even later in this life, I want to be a motivational speaker. I love making people happy, lifting people’s spirits and making people laugh. I’d be a comedian but my friends are too jealous to laugh at my jokes so I let that dream go. But don’t be fooled, I am very funny. Maybe you who is reading this can give me a chance at comedy to prove my haters wrong. ?

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