I got to chat with Joy Wachira about what unemployment in Kenya is really like, these are her views and i am glad she got to share them.

  • Tell us a little about yourself and what you do:

My name is Joy Wachira a graduate in Business Information Technology. I am passionate about service and have been in the service Industry for 10 years now.  I love a good challenge and always looking forward to learn new things. I believe in helping others and leaving a place better than I found it.


  • Your best social media platform?

Facebook – it has a very huge reach in terms of target market and quite a useful tool.


  • What do you use social media for mostly?

News, Networking, Learning, Inspiration.


  • What is your personal experience when it comes to job hunting?

It’s a challenge that needs patience and deliberate defined action towards what one is looking for.


  • Does #IkoKaziKE help when it comes to job hunting?

I joined #IkoKaziKE this year and I have seen people get jobs. So I believe it does.


  • What makes job hunting frustrating?

The lack of response from the numerous applications one makes.

The notion that you need to know someone in some organizations to get a job.


  • Do you think the government is doing enough to curb unemployment?

There is a lot more the government can do to curb unemployment – deal with corruption at the head level and make funds accessible to the youth. The women fund that should give a helping hand to the women in this country doesn’t seem to be as effective as it was meant to be.  I believe that curbing corruption would ultimately curb unemployment.


  • If you were president of Kenya what would you differently in regards to unemployment and creating a conducive business environment?

First I would have the SRC set KPIs for all our leaders and the same leaders be reviewed yearly.  Failure to meeting set KPIs would mean a leader cannot be voted in again. That way, all government facets actually deliver and in turn the current unemployment rate would start going down because there are actually jobs that need to be done and businesses would thrive because there is actual accountability happening at the head level.

  • What advice would you give to anyone job hunting?

Know your worth, know what you want and go ahead and get it. There is greatness and uniqueness in every one of us. Don’t be ashamed to let your light shine.


  • Kindly tell us your parting shot in regards to both life and work:

We are all here on assignment and as soon as one learns what their God given assignment is; then a lot begins to fall in place. Do not comprise your family, I am a mother of 2 girls and they have and always will be my priority. Define your priorities and go at life and work with all you’ve got.

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