I got to chat with @Gee_Muri about what drives him as an entrepreneur and what are some of the things he hopes to achieve in the future. 


  • Tell us about yourself:

George Gitonga a 28 year old, ICT Consultant, your favorite cabbie plus a Data Analyst. oh and last born ?

  • Best Social Media Platform?

Duuh Twitter.

  • What are your struggles with social media?

Clout chasing people at the expense of your name. People who know nothing about you but they definitely have to fit in.

  • What did you study?

Information Technology plus CISCO Certified Network Associate

  • What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?

Flexibility of my working hours. Fact that my hard work or rather effort determines what I take home.

  • What are your future business goals?

Get a fleet of cars and be an employer.

  • What motivates you?

Satisfaction you get once work is done as per your fair way of doing things.

  • What are some of the challenges that you face in your job?

Haha, of course rude clients who turn out being violent, clients who don’t want to pay for the services offered.

  • What advice would you give the young people looking for a job?

I wouldn’t lie by telling them jobs are easy to come by ,but try and stand out in that crowd of job seekers. Have one thing that will make you more valuable than your mates. Once you get one, strive to be good at it learn from it shape your skill set and be patient. Also wakipata interview waambie nawapeleka ?

  • What you advice anyone looking to enter our line of work?

Weuh, it is one sector that really has no ‘security’ unlike the normal 8-5 persistence hard work gets you there.

  • What do you love most about your job?

Networking, okay yes the money is good but getting to meet new people daily tops the cake. You learn so much from them, get off app gigs from them ,oh and once a client really appreciates your service then you are  good to go.

  • What are some of the memorable moments in your career?

I really have many. Like celebrities, politicians being my clients, clients tips *sic* buuuuut, see once a client says ‘you’re the best driver I have encountered’ melts me proper.

  • Do you think that the government is doing enough to support young entrepreneurs?

Nooope not at all. See the tender gig that the government set 30% for them youth, trust me doing business as a young person is becoming harder by day. Si kanjo si serikali. They really need to legit let us get it easy out here

  • Which entrepreneurs do you look up to and why?

One @gikabu whose assertiveness is astounding. Going against the biggest telco without relenting focused on his goal as far as his inventions are concerned.

@jade_thuo Hard-working cyber sec person who does really go for it. Tryna follow his path too.

Dr @chao_mbogho Brilliant and Intelligent in all she does, also very kind hearted.

And definitely Manu Chandaria we all know why ?

  • What advice would you give your younger self?

May sound a little bit off, but white collar isn’t the only way to get on top.

  • Parting shot?

See that one thing you believe in, get out of that comfort zone you’re in and work towards it life’s too short.


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