Recently I was part of the Nivea 2018 – Self- Love campaign. To me self-love is something I take dearly heart. I do believe in life you have to love yourself 100%, thats before being a spouse or parent, you need to find peace with yourself so as not to put so much pressure on others to love you. I also believe self-love is more than what people see it is something in you that does not end with you but trickles down to your friends and family.

The campaign was led by Kobi Kihara who just has one of the most amazing personalities I have seen in a while. We came together that day to have an amazing photo shoot, talk about our self-love journeys and get hampers courtesy of Nivea East Africa for participating.


How can one practice self-love in their career and work?

  • Knowing what you want and chasing it.
  • Striving for more even if it means going back to school.
  • Having long term goals and working towards them.
  • Helping others if it is at work help your colleagues where you can.
  • Letting merit speak for you without sabotaging the careers of other people.
  • Dressing the part every day. Good grooming improves your mood.

That is my take on self-love and what it means for me as a career woman and one who helps other people find their voice in their careers.



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