As business owners (or just about anybody who puts their hard earned money in a business), be very careful who you hire. I have heard so many stories of people investing in a business just for an individual to run it down because they do not care. They are getting paid after all so what is the big deal? Attitude matters a lot.


Whether it is a restaurant, stall in CBD, shop attendant … while vetting who works for you, know that is the business fails the person whom you hired will walk away without anything to lose. You will have lost years of savings and investment and just because maybe you couldn’t gauge the attitude of the person you employed.


We have motivated young Kenyans who will be very excellent at what they do, but maybe it was a shortcut or finance issue that led to you choosing to somebody who was not qualified. I have seen businesses go down and the same script often enough “I hired somebody and they just did not care”.


If you notice this why keep them? The rate on unemployment in this country shows you replacement is easy and you can get the person with the right attitude and focus if you want. You do not have to do anyone a favor at the expense of money you work hard for and money you will soon part ways with because you kept making excuses for unprofessionalism.

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