Rose Munuhe Founder of #IkoKaziKE on Twitter. A hashtag that enables kenyans to make job hunting easier. Digital Marketing Executive.

I started #IkoKaziKE because I was having a bit of a problem myself job hunting. They say amidst problems is when you discover solutions that never existed (or at least I believe that, lol). Anyway I love helping people, young Kenyans to be precise. We have so much potential all we need is to believe in ourselves and have somebody guide us along the way.

IkoKaziKE is a Career Blog. My aim is to highlight EVERYONE’S story, because we ALL have a story. Doesn’t matter is you are just 1 step up on the stairs or 10 steps up, your story, your voice and I am here to document is. I keep asking people for their parting shot so here is mine “If you ever get the chance to help somebody, do so”. Whether it is by hiring them, sharing a job vacancy with them or buying them coffee as they job hunt. Be a decent human being, it is all that matters in the long run.