I remember back when I was in college, we would spend hours day dreaming how quickly our new jobs would come, how much salaries we would get how we would travel far and wide in our twenties. Full of dreams and life the end was near and the road was well rosy to say the least.

One thing humbling life has taught me, we all have different paths. Some are easy and other rough, yet a road nonetheless. I know plenty of my classmates who got high paying jobs during the first year after campus and in our field of study, others not so lucky. I wouldn’t say I was the latter not in such a great magnitude but yes I actually was. I did internships before I got my actual job offer and yes this did teach me a few things:

  1. We make plans and God laughs- At the end of the day you really do not have the final say. You may want to think you do, and yes it is advisable to be positive but the reality is you really do not.
  2. You may not exactly “do” what you studied – Guess what, that is okay.
  3. All you need is your first job and it gets easier- It’s easier to navigate a ship once you are on board and set sail for the direction you desire.
  4. Comparison is the thief of all joy- To each their own and their time. Just because things don’t work out immediately doesn’t mean you are a failure and neither does it mean that is your destiny. Knowing this why envy those who have made it? Celebrate them and with them the best way you know how and keep faith.
  5. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help- “Those who want to help you always will.” If that means sending 30 CVs to 30 people asking them to push for you so be it. Eventually one comes through and when they do you will not regret it.
  6. Don’t put too much expectations in human beings- Ask for assistance, be positive and don’t hold it against anyone just because you didn’t get the results you wanted. It is not people who let you down but the expectation in your head.
  7. Never stop learning- Take up an online course or go back to school especially after your bachelor’s degree. Sitting down and waiting for a job isn’t always enough make yourself a brand by learning things that will propel you to be stronger than other candidates.
  8. Earn extra cash from side jobs- We live in a tech era , look for online work that will help bring in few cash once in a while to help you not necessarily “survive” but be okay as you job hunt.
  9. Learn financial management at an early age- Yes, what will you save without a salary? But that is not the dilemma. Financial management can be acquired in various ways even by saving whatever little you already have so that when more comes you are ready for bigger plans.


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