I got to chat with Timothy about his career in Digital Marketing and why he is passionate about it. Get to know his defining career moments and what he is learning along the way. Enjoy and share. 

  • Tell us about you

I am Timothy Mathai, a digital marketer enthusiast, catalyst and also an Associate Community Product Operations at Opera. I am passionate about social and digital media and how these two can be used to leverage businesses in the world.


  • Your best social media platform?

Twitter takes the day for me, it’s fun, hilarious, everyone just lives in his own space over there plus it’s one of the easiest apps to navigate around also how can you not be on twitter with KOT deep in it? It makes my day.


  • What do you use social media for mostly?

I use social media mostly for business and entertainment. I am able to be updated in the latest trends may it be news, music, gossip, latest tech, music, it’s so much that you can’t exhaust social media. Since I don’t watch news since I follow through everything on Twitter, cool right?


  • What did you study?

I studied Business Management and Information Technology at Kabarak University


  • When did your passion for Digital Marketing start?

It started way back when I was in my 3rd year of study in university through friends who were already in the field. I started by doing Google Digital courses online such as Adwords and Analytics and got certified, then moved on to Facebook Blueprint and Twitter Flight School. By the time I was finishing university I was way ahead of my peers and I had a good base to start and also boost myself in the industry.


  • What’s your take on influencers?

I believe they act as brand ambassadors for the companies they work for so it’s through them that guys get exposed or even educated on certain brands and even campaigns but I think influencers should identify their own niche and grow towards it. The market is so wide for everyone to have a piece of the cake. Influencers should be honest when doing their reviews because the consumers out there look up to them to the point of making a decision to purchase the product.

They should also take time and study their following and get to understand what they want. Don’t bombard your followers with too much information to the point they get confused on what you are talking about. Generally they have done more good than harm.

  • What can you say has been the defining moment of your career?

They are many but I would say when our team won The Best Marketing Medium – Digital Online Campaign – 2018 during the Marketing Society of Kenya Annual Awards Gala. That was a dope moment!


  • What are some of the challenges you face with clients?

Well, clients can be a handful at times thus making you develop patience as a virtue. Among the challenges include; an angry client; there are clients who are forever angry, miscommunication; this happens a lot in the industry, a know it all client; those who think they know everything, payment delays, some clients can be dishonest, conflict of interests among others.


  • What is your take on mixing family or friendship with business?

I am of the opinion to never mix them unless it’s those family businesses that have been running for quite a while. But still set boundaries in the family that no one breaches them.

On friends it’s a big NO because it’s from there when things start to go south. You will find yourself in debt hence losing your business in the long run. Just draw a thick line when it comes to that.

  • What are some of the challenges entrepreneurs face in Kenya?

Funding-Too much interest in loans hence many defaulters ending up in hurting businesses

Late payments for services done

Competition from established entrepreneurs

Corruption -You have to bribe your way to get a client(s)


  • How do you manage to keep your private life off social media?

I minimize posting my family on social profiles also I post what I want the world to see plus I respect family’s privacy. I have learnt to draw a thick line when it comes to private life and social media. It’s something guys should learn to do.


  • Tell us something about Timothy that would surprise us:

Well, many people think that I played basketball in high school and college because I am tall but the truth of the matter is that I have never played any ball game whatsoever. Also I am a bit of an introvert because I love my own space.


  • Who are the Top 5 male entrepreneurs you look up to?

Gary Vaynerchuk

Mark Zuckerberg

Kris Senanu

Richard Branson

Elon Musk


  • What advice would you give young you?

It’s never that serious, relax and take easy. Find happiness in everything you do.


  • If you could be the president of Kenya what would you do differently in terms of employment creation and creating a thriving environment for businesses?

Focus majorly on the youth since we are the future of the country and change the education system so that it can mold the kids to be independent. Also make loans available to youths at low interests.


  • Kindly tell us your parting shot in regards to both life and work:

About Work – Always do your level best and always know someone is always watching your back and learn to stay in your own lane and avoid office politics at all costs.

About Life – Do as much as possible when you are alive and healthy, it shall count in the later days of your life also spread good vibes and positivity around people, you will not be forgotten.

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