I got to chat with Edgar on his passion for photography and personal branding. He also takes us through what it takes to be a Marketing Manager and the skills he advises us to equip ourselves with to survive the digital era enjoy. Enjoy the read. 

  • Tell us about you :

Hmm, where do I start, am a Creative Associate, Marketing Manager, writer, photographer, adventurer, fitness enthusiast and the one I can’t explain, a HUGE Harley Quinn Fan, you could argue am obsessed with her.

  • Your best social media platform?

As we speak, that would be Instagram, basically because as a creative, images are how we communicate and IG is all about that, plus I have built an impressive audience with my Thursday insta-story series that I write bi-weekly that has people waiting for more. Also, most of the readers for my blog, www.thadon14.wordpress.com come from Instagram. However, in my role as a Marketing Manager I handle social media accounts of various companies hence the need to learn on how to build an audience across all the available platforms, which is quite challenging but also fulfilling when various strategies do work out.

  • What do you use social media for mostly?

For my personal account, it has always been to connect to people, to listen, encourage & offer solutions on stories that people are afraid to talk about, to talk about topics that most people, especially men shy away from, for instance, love, heartbreaks and the most common of all, mental health. Breaking the stereotype one issue at a time.

For the companies that I deal with, it’s always about pushing the brand, getting more people to engage, getting more sales and getting the brand maximum exposure.

  • What did you study?

I studied Art and Design (Graphics Design to be specific)

  • Tell us more about your business:

Ortiz Concepts is all about creating content to be used either online or for print, with my knowledge in printing a bonus for these as most creatives don’t really look into how the final product looks like once it’s off the screen. Ortiz Concepts Kreation helps me in being able to create custom made solutions when you can’t find exactly what you want online or anywhere else for that matter.

  • What are some of the skills 2019 Marketing Managers need to be equipped with?

Content Creation, Research abilities, Audience engagement, Budgeting & Project management, Tech savvy, Communication skills, analytical skills & team management.

  • What can you say has been the defining moment of your career?

Quitting my Printing job in August with zero plans, just praying and hoping for the best and of course being on twitter #IkoKaziKE all day, which eventually got me this job.

  • What are some of the challenges you face with clients?

Non-payment and numerous changes take the day, all creatives face this, and it’s super frustrating, sometimes clients don’t really understand this or they just don’t care.

  • What is your take on mixing family or friendship with business?

It’s the worst, people will expect you do free things in the name of we are friends when you could use that time to do something that can earn you something.

  • What are some of the challenges entrepreneurs face in Kenya?

With the current Kenyan Economy, it would be unfair for me not to start with Capital, living in Nairobi is an extreme sport, the cost of everything is way too high and we spend more than we save.

Not enough market research, people rush to get rich fast instead of working on growth over time leading to closure of business over a short period of time.

This is one that I actually experienced, self-doubt, it’s the killer of dreams, its really easy to get sucked in when you are not growing as fast as you expect, leading many people to give up when the going gets tough.

  • How do you manage to keep your private life off social media?

Am an open book, that’s how I built my audience, by being me, the raw authentic self that wasn’t afraid to show emotions or speak his mind. Of course, there are things that I keep private, but the ones that I deem worthy of making an impact, I share.

  • Tell us something about Edgar that would surprise us:

I can sing quite well when am in the mood, thanks to Smule, sing app.

  • Who are the Top 5 male entrepreneurs you look up to?

Daymond John, Chris Kirubi, Mike Muthiga, Evans Wadongo & Huston Malande

  • What advice would you give young you?

I would probably tell myself to enjoy every moment to stop worrying about the future.

  • If you could be the president of Kenya what would you do differently in terms of employment creation and creating a thriving environment for businesses?

Make legislations that make more young people take up senior management positions instead of recycling the same faces every single time there is a shakeup. Make business licenses easily accessible to the youth at an affordable cost. Make self help groups actually work for everyone.

  • Kindly tell us your parting shot in regards to both life and work:

Follow your Passion.

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IG  : @o.r.t.i.z_

Twitter : @Sir_Ortiz

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