Very many things about Angeline stand out her love for fashion and her professionalism. She takes us through what it takes to be an image consultant and where she derived her passion from . Enjoy the read. 

  • Who is Angeline?

Angeline is a journalist by training, with a career in image consultancy. She is also a mother and a wife. She has also worked in the hotel industry.


  • What is image consultancy and what does it entail?

Image Consulting is the art of improving an individual’s image. This entails thoroughly accessing their behavior, appearance or just the way they present and carry themselves around.


  • How did you start Elevate Image?

Elevate Image started after I noticed I had many request from friends and colleagues to accompany them while they shop for clothes. This was supplemented by my love for style and passion in social etiquette.


  • Who are your customers/ who qualifies for the service?

Elevate’s customers are individuals who are keen on presenting themselves in the best way possible. The world is judgmental by nature, ensuring that you are your best self at all times is a bonus.

An individual who acknowledges this and wishes to learn the know-how of improving their image automatically qualifies for the service.


  • Where do you shop for your clients?

This will be determined by a few factors. Goals, budget and preference of the client matter a lot. The availability of quality pieces will also determines the place of shopping.


  • How do you choose the clothes for your clients?

A lot is discussed before the shopping date. The style, personality and type of work environment of the client determines the kind of wardrobe needed. Body shape, goals and budget matter too.


  • Best Social Media Platform?



  • What are your struggles with social media?

For quite some time I couldn’t bring myself to compose a post. Not on any topic. I couldn’t even write an opinion or simply make a comment. I feared the hate and negativity that can sometimes come from a simple post. Probably because I cared too much. I am now trying to run away from that fear.




  • What motivates you?

The transition process of a client really motivates me to do better. The ability to impact an individual’s life by injecting a new outlook is also satisfying. The smile and confidence gained too is a motivator for me.


  • What are your hobbies besides making others look and feel great?

I love yoga. A lot. I also enjoy reading, trying out new recipes and swimming.


  • What are some of the challenges that you face in your job?

Security is a major challenge. Moving around doing shopping with a stranger can be frightening at times. Client not having an open mind. Also the assumption that only celebs and the wealthy need image consulting services.


  • What advice would you give the young people looking for a job?

As you look for one, don’t cling too much on the degree qualification entitlement.

Try and make a living out of what you love doing. It doesn’t have to make sense to everyone. Be passionate about it.

  • Do you think that the government is doing enough to support young entrepreneurs?


The Government is doing fairly, in respect to kick starting businesses. They have automated business registration process and thus making it easy for new entrepreneurs to start their ventures. However, Youth Fund is still not accessible to most young entrepreneurs. The requirements needed can be quite strenuous.


  • How do you balance been an entrepreneur, mother, wife and friend?

It can be difficult to find a balance between all this especially when you have a young baby. I don’t know how other women have found the balance. Honestly, I am still trying to find one. Having a supportive spouse and understanding friends has been helpful so far.


  • What advice would you give your younger self?

It is true, nothing good comes from negative thoughts. Be positive and love yourself some more.


  • Parting shot?

“Look the part and you will be halfway there.”

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