I am not a huge fan of public speaking I do step up when the cause arises. My topic was “Leveraging on Technology to curb unemployment”.  I enjoyed myself and learned a lot and would love to thank PS Kenya’ for letting me participate.

The Africa Social Behavior Change conference, the first of its kind seeks to establish a platform that brings together practitioners and stakeholders to showcase theory, effective mechanisms, methodologies, learnings within the African context. One outcome of the ASBC conference will be a road map of solutions and a shared value proposition to promote a thriving African society. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals which work in the spirit of partnership and pragmatism to assist people to make the right choices to improve life in a sustainable way in the decades ahead.  Through the conference, practitioners across sectors will understand the role of social and behavior change in accelerating achievement of such goals and leapfrog development across other sectors of the African economy.

My Key Pointers:

Get more people to use Social media to build brands that help them better find jobs.

Challenge youth to use social media for a positive impact such as sharing jobs with others and also job hunting.

Encourage more companies to actively use #IkoKaziKE to post job openings and also to engage with their future staff and consumers.

Create a talk about impact of job hunting i.e. mentally. A lot of youths are losing hope, more people to talk about their successes job hunting to encourage others.

What to look for so as to spot fraudulent job posts and why one should not pay money to get a jobs.

Challenge the government to create more jobs. Talk about the challenges still being faced in 2018 as people job hunt such as nepotism, bad governance and tribalism.

Entrepreneurship vs employment and what future entrepreneurs should be looking to do more of such as creating jobs that employ hundreds/ thousands of individuals.

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