Leveraging on Technology to curb unemployment. Why is IkoKaziKE biggest strength online? A breakdown of why I believe in creating an online channel for job seekers is key to communicate freely:

  • ICT provides a platform to break barriers to information access- We live in a digital tech savvy era. Smartphone penetration in Kenya has grown to more than 60 per cent of the population over the past five years thanks to the influx of affordable phones via business daily. #IkoKaziKE is a popular hashtag on twitter used by Kenyans on Twitter of all ages to job hunt and share job openings. The reason it is very popular on twitter is because twitter tends to be more real time and you can access anyone’s account or posts regardless of you not following them but you track the hashtag.
  • It is used by corporates to advertise positions directly from their accounts and by individuals who are looking for quick placements and recruiting companies may have a longer turnaround time and charges that they are not willing to incur.
  • ICT allows us to correct misinformation- At the rate unemployment is rampant in Kenya be careful not just of jobs posted on IkoKaziKE but also on newspapers and job sites or LinkedIn. Don’t send money to strangers in hopes of getting a job interview or placement. Do not meet up with people without email addresses. If you suspect a fraudulent or fake web domain or email address is being used, use google to contact the main company for more information. Due diligence is key. Most fraudulent cases if not all want to part Kenyans with their money as long as you remember that you should be more able to discern genuine jobs.
  • As Kenyan youths we need to use our online voices to hold the government accountable for the unemployment rates and lack of conducive business environment. Do not be afraid to speak up against social injustices especially if you are fighting for a better tomorrow.
  • #IkoKaziKE is also very engaging in the sense of a person can chose to posts their academic credentials in hopes of landing in front of a potential employer, very many Kenyans share job seeking tips and it has created a community of Kenyans who want to see each other prosper.
  • ICT allows community members to generate their own information and learn from one another- We live in a tech time where by social media is not just for leisure or pass time. It can be used as a branding tool or networking tool. Let us not just rely on blind job applications let us step out of the comfort zone and reach out to those older than us online and ask questions and create relationships that will help us bridge the unemployment and career development gap. My friend got in touch with various media personalities created online friendships that kick started her own media platform thanks to their support, promotion and advice. Don’t be afraid to start conversations that can materialize to a better career or life for you in the long run.

Lessons Learned from IkoKaziKE since inception:

  • Kenyans are willing to share jobs with strangers. Create a unity spirit.
  • Kenyans on twitter now get to see job posts in real time.
  • It helps with quick recruitment since by EOD the recruiter can have job applications sent.
  • Allows Kenyans to have hope by seeing others are getting jobs.
  • Has led to employment of many Kenyans on twitter and off.
  • Brands get to advertise jobs to a larger audience.
  • Tips on CV writing and interview tips that are frequently shared help those job hunting.
  • Posting of ones credentials could easily land on the right recruiters time feed.
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