As an account manager for various organizations social platforms I have been on  the receiving end of interacting with job seekers. I have come to notice a lot of young Kenyans “Shooting their shot” to these organizations either via mentions, comments, inbox or direct messages and I have decided to pen down my advice. This is so as to help the job seeker stand a chance of getting a feedback since I have noticed many tend to be so casual when enquiring via social media:


  • Start with salutations and with a lot of courtesy, this goes a long way in creating a friendly welcoming atmosphere and environment for whoever is on the other end.


  • Introduce yourself, doesn’t have to be lengthy. Could even be talking about the preferred department and current line of work.


  • Ask for the Human Resource email address. Most people in charge of social platforms are often in admin or marketing departments thus cannot exactly facilitate adding you to the database. Hence asking for the Human Resource email enables the job seeker to direct email their credentials to the person who makes the decision.


  • A compliment goes a long way. In as much as it may be deemed as cold calling giving a praise or two wouldn’t hurt. Show you are familiar with the organization.


  • Aim to assist not critic. Personal feelings aside nobody likes feeling attacked maybe you think their website is average and you can do a better job. Don’t approach with hostility, in such a case you can even offer free consultancy to the team or just apply without much of a mention, maybe they know and want to change.


  • Use proper grammar. A challenge with today’s graduates is taking social platforms overly casually. Even Chris Kirubi once said he won’t consider you giving you a chance if you tweet with broken English or short forms, especially when asking for a job. Often it depicts a certain image that the job seeker may not be qualified as they portray.


  • Say thank you. Try not to keep pestering the organization, they have seen your application they will get back to you. This also shows a sign of maturity on the job seekers end.


  • Try using professional names. Nothing against “ Ule msupa mpeng” but using social media to job hunt is rather serious your image means a lot.


  • This is for twitter, if you are controversial you may not want to tag the organizations directly you can choose to facebook inbox them instead.


  • Be more active on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is amazing at branding oneself and actually get employers to find you. Use it to your advantage for branding.


  • Use social platforms to talk about your career and passions especially if your job is a creative such a writer, photographer, chef, makeup artist… In this day and age with our thousands of followers all around the globe who knows who may just bump into your work and hire you.


Do you feel like I have left any tips out? Feel free to contact me @ikokazikenya on twitter


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